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With increasing Internet censorship looms the inevitability that our channel gets deleted from various platforms. You will not be notified of it, instead you may catch yourself wondering one day: "Where did Forum Borealis go?"

So per today we offer 2 ways to get direct notifications of all our updates:


1) CLICK HERE & sub to our Telegram channel


2) Sign up to our Email list (happens automatically when subscribing to our website) here (CURRENTLY PAUSED):

Either option is the only way to stay completely in the loop:

- Special announcements
- Updates to web subscribers
- Updates to our public video platforms
- Updates to our public podcast platforms

News with links are usually announced weekly. NO chatter, spam, ads, or plugs. Opt out any time with a button push.

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In addition we occasionally share some updates on these public pages (which may suddenly vanish due to censorship):

CLICK HERE to follow our Patreon channel (updates to web subscribers)


CLICK HERE to follow Al's Twitter account (updates to our public podcast platforms)

CLICK HERE to follow our Facebook page
(occasional updates & announcements)

CLICK HERE to follow our Youtube community page (occasional updates & announcements)




Join our newsmail for ALL updates • Don’t miss out!

Thanks for connecting!

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