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Questions & Answers

 Q: How do I subscribe to your website? 

Easy. Just go to the SIGNUP PAGE and follow the simple instructions. However, be mindful that it can take some time for our volunteers to catch up, but usually no more than a week. To speed it up, CONTACT US (follow the instructions) and let us know.

 Q: How do I donate with my credit/debit card only and skip signing up for a PayPal account? 

Either click "Don't have a PayPal account?" in the PayPal link or simply choose one of the non-PayPal options.

 Q: How do I login & logout? 

Either click on any page reserved for subscribers which will force a log in, or click on "Log in" to the left up on top of our banner. To log out, go to "My Page" (fastest way is to expand the menu line next to your nickname to the left on top) and click on "Log Out".

 Q: I've lost my password, how can I retrieve it? 
When you attempt to sign in, click "Login with Email", then click "Lost password?", and follow the instructions from there.

 Q: How do I receive Forum Borealis updates? 

For Public Releases (if you are NOT a website subscriber), either check our FRONT-PAGE, or any decent Podcast Player which catches frequent updates from our channel, or join our NEWS LIST.

For Subscriber Releases (if you ARE a website subscriber), either check our FRONT-PAGE, or go to LATEST RELEASES, or join our NEWS LIST, or check our PATREON PAGE (you can subscribe for free to us there, even if you use another donor tool).

 Q: Can you assist me with technical issues? 

We can certainly try. Know that you have to follow the instructions of how to CONTACT US. Also, provide as much details as you can (outlet type, browser type, say exactly where and what the problem is, describe it in detail, and possibly provide links and screenshots). However... know that it will take time to reply because we are running this operation on a voluntary basis. Besides, our technical expertize is limited since we are not the developers of whatever you have issues with. That said, due to experience with other users, we do know some of the common problems that may occur. Still, your best bet is to directly contact customer service of whatever you have trouble with, for example WIX if it has to do with our website, or PAYPAL if it has to do with them, etc.

  Q: How do I cancel my subscription

You only need to cancel a subscription if you signed up for a recurring donation - the other options will not auto renew. To cancel your recurring subscription: Go to whatever payment solution you donated with and disable the recurring payments from there. Cancelling your subscription will immediately stop all future scheduled payments to us. You do not have to notify us about the cancellation, as you will automatically be unsubscribed when the period for your subscription has expired. Neither do you have to delete you account at our website.

 Q: How do I renew a subscription? 

If your subscription has run out, your account is still in our system unless you have deleted it yourself. You can return here any time and add/renew your subscription exactly as you did the first time, but without having to sign up again. Follow the instructions, complete your donation, and you will have full access again. However, be mindful that it can take some time for our volunteers to catch up, but usually not more than a week. To speed it up, CONTACT US (according to the instructions) and let us know.

 Q: The Media Player won't work, what can I do

If you have issues with getting the player to work on your tablet, TV, mobile, or computer, we recommend that you directly download the files. Whether you are a subscriber or you only access the public part of the site, all files should be downloadable. Depending on the player, it is usually sufficient to right click and choose "download", although sometimes there's an actual download button. Once you have the file as an MP3 in your system, you can play it on the local player normally used for your device.

 Q: Your Website is erratic, stuff is misaligned, buttons don't work, it's hard to navigate - what can I do? 

It sounds like you are using Mobile View on your device. Our website is only optimised for Desktop View, which is the default in computers. However, regardless of which device type you use, it is always possible to switch to Desktop View. How to do this depends on your device and browser. In general a browser offers a setting configuration by clicking on three dots or some other type of button up to the right. Scroll the options and choose "switch to desktop view". Beyond the use of our website, it will be to your advantage knowing how to control Mobile vs Desktop View. All issues regarding display and functionality should be resolved by this simple action.


However, you may find our pages to be too big for a mobile phone with desktop view. This is easily solved by zooming in on an area, which on smart devices is quickly done by using fingers. As with the View types, it is to your advantage learning how to control Zooming.


Such basic functions as described here, are developed to be achievable even for the most technologically inept.

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