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Donation Options

How much for subscription, you may ask?
Well, what is the forum education worth to you?


You can either donate monthly, yearly, or just once. For monthly, we don't accept payments below 5$ (or similar value in other currency), because every dollar received is charged up to 45%! This looting is lower for payments above 5$, so small donations can only occur annually.

We offer 4 ways for payment (working on getting more): PayPal, Bank Card (via PayPal, but no PayPal account required), Patreon, or Crypto (50% discount for Bitcoins). ​Notice that not all payment types can be used with all donation options listed below.

OBS! Unfortunately we’ve lost hundreds of USD lately in penalties & fees from "donors" filing cases against us on PayPal, either due to "services not delivered" (perhaps these don’t understand - or have the patience - to wait unto a volunteer has processed the application?) or for "unauthorised transactions". What’s worse, they NEVER try contacting us directly in advance to resolve it. As a passive recipient we have no ability to, or involvement with, transferring money from someone's PayPal- or bank account. Yet we always get the burden of blame and cost. It’s driving us bankrupt. Whether this is a campaign to take us down or it’s just what comes with the territory, it must cease. Therefore we now have this legal requirement for accepting donations via Paypal:

* Although a donor gets the perk of sub access, the donation is not a transactional quid pro quo for subscriptions.
* If you for whatever reason want to request a refund, you must contact us directly to resolve the issue before filing a case with PayPal.
Any cost it may entail will be covered by you.

After donation is completed you can
sign up for web sub access. If you sub with another email than for the donation, please state it so we can match them up. For quick access: notify us that you've donated & signed up. Put “NEW SIGNUP” in the subject field as this also speeds up the process.

Option 1:
via Crypto, Card, Paypal, or Patreon.


Choose between:

12 $ per year (= 1 $ monthly)

24 $ per year (= 2 $ monthly)

36 $ per year (= 3 $ monthly)

48 $ per year (= 4 $ monthly)

60 $ per year (= 5 $ monthly)
or anything above this.

Option 2:

via Card, Paypal, or Patreon.

Choose anything from
5 $ per month and upwards.



Option 3:

via Crypto, Card, or Paypal.

Choose any amount.

If you apply for subscription, we calculate the minimum period your donation would cover.



Annually or Single via Crypto
(you decide $)

OBS! If you apply for web subscription, remember to add a receipt (since the application handlers have no access to your donation) and to clarify if it's annual or single.

If you prefer using a crypto not listed below, just contact us for the address.

50% discount for all BTC donations. Example: A yearly sub is accepted for the value of 6$ rather than 12$.

Bitcoin: 1Jj1UGfR7AFjPtJaWoTrBfo2DiRdDA1Xz1

Bitcoin Cash: qq7nqdt2h9sv866g4a9hnn2zrsxdf6pfzqym40nxt0
Bitcoin Gold: GSYKyfUcmXM5gC59os3AEcBdwsFFomRuYV
Bitcoin SV: 14DJQV12rRjH73cd3ahq3M99dYSnWZ3LuA
DigiByte: DLzRcMmoPzAhCyedpVPhCN9oeX78qByjui
Ethereum: 0x976E4086420E8Af8430560e660fCa236c84b4396
Litecoin: LgawgtaemZesuj2qVeSj9zD4q995HwkeMy



Annually, Monthly, or Single via Paypal
(you decide $)

To avoid exiting this site, right click and choose "open link as a new tab".
Problems opening the button? Then just follow THIS LINK.

OBS! Conditions apply, as explained further above. They are reiterated at the payment site and considered legally binding.

Beware recipient is stated as "Elysion" rather than "Forum Borealis".

Remember to mark the option for annual, monthly, or single.

If you don't have a PayPal account, just pick the credit/debit card option.

f you want to donate in another currency than USD, but find it difficult through this link, here's a few options:

- If you own a PayPal account, manually do it from within your account by setting as recipient our email (forumborealis @ gmail . com - without space in between) and create the recurring annual plan there.

- If you don't have PayPal, either go to and configure the specifics - or simply use one of our other payment options.

Annually or Monthly via Patreon
(you decide $)

Just click the logo above and select the Tier of your choosing above 5 USD.

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