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We do a few things different than most channels. We retain nothing and release everything to the public. This

is a costly and time consuming affair, so release frequency depend on the show's sustainability. This expensive undertaking is fully listener funded, so you decide the quality & pace. Currently our rhythm is 1 hour a week (2 shows per month).

We are viable if you contribute a mere dollar per month. Since an open download page isn't affordable, we save costs by limiting downloads of new shows to web subscribers. Eventually everything is made available free for all. So instead of retaining parts or full shows, we release new programmes FIRST to our web subscribers, and later to everyone (one in - one out). As such, at any given time you get access to at least 10 shows unreleased to the public, plus the occasional bonus.


What's the advantages to becoming a subscriber, apart from making sure we exist?

- Access to bonus files

- First access to all shows as MP3s
- See lists of future guests & coming programs

- Suggest future guests, or questions & comments

- Interact with the team and other Forum supporters
- Access to minimum 10 shows not yet publicly released

Contents in bonus page:

- Unreleased excerpts from main shows
- Backstage chat with guests
- Special productions
- Forum related music
- Series: Current Affairs with regulars
- Series: Forum Talks (Questions & Comments)

If you find value in our work, do support it however way you can to help production, cover costs, improve our base, etc. Here's what you can do to help:

* Disable Ad-Block at our Videos
* Share our Shows, Posts, & Pages
* Nag potential guests to get on our show
* Help make videos for our audio programmes

* Subscribe & follow our various public channels

* Spread & recommend our public gratis programmes
* Become a sponsor by donating a dollar or more per month
* Click 'like' on our programmes & posts, since it influences the algorithm

* Spread & recommend our Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, Podcast sites,Twitter Account


Many thanks!

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