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Become a Guest Host

Are you already running a podcast/show and want more exposure - or seek to start one and want a kick-start?

In either case, you are welcome to submit a show to us which we will platform as part of our official releases under the series title:


"Forum Borealis Special".


* All shows published under this heading will be by guest hosts.


* In the show notes under each of these programs we link directly to the website or podcast of the guest host.

* Each guest host get their own presentation page at our website with links to their stuff.

* If the submitted show is accepted, you will be invited as a guest (participation is optional) to the third-party show produced by Altmedia United (hosted by Al & Mark) with a shout-out to your specific episode of Forum Borealis Special as well as to your own podcast/show (if you have one).

* If you run your own channel it will be invited to join Altmedia Utd.


* We may also arrange for you to be interviewed by other shows which are part of Altmedia Utd.

* Each guest host is rewarded a symbolic honorarium of 100 USD per program we release.

* This is a one-time and final payment for our right to air the submitted show indefinetely and unrevised from its original release version, on all our current and future platforms, with option to monetize it if we so choose.

* This is not an exclusive license, so you retain the right to publish your original interview (without Forum Borealis elements like intro, mid-segment, outro, etc) elsewhere, for example at your own channel.

* By submitting a show to us, you automatically accept all these conditions.

:: :: :: ::


* All interviews must be minimum 80 minutes and maximum 160 minutes long.

* All audio must be of decent quality - minimum 128 kpbs (max. 160 kpbs).

* Editing required: Background noise must be removed (noise reduction filter is king) from original audio. No sharps hisses (hiss reduction is king). Remove annoying mouth bath sounds if you don't have a proper filter in your mic, in the recording software, and/or in your editing software. Don't feature too many "uhm", "ehr", "you know", "I mean", and similar replacement/stalling words & expressions (limit: when it becomes noticable & annoying). If they are unavoidable during recording, it can be fixed in post-editing. These concerns apply to the voices of both guest & host, which must be equalized into separate channels.

* The content of the show has to fit the description "Paradigm Expansion" - as soberly and scholarly as the subject allows.

* Keep profanities to a minimum.

* The language/diction/accent of both host & guest must be clear and easy to comprehend for anyone who understand English.

* The recording cannot contain an intro & outro bumper music/jingle since we insert our own. We inject all the common Forum Borealis elements (like the bell) - so these must not be inserted.

* You must enclose a show/cover pic containing no text/writing.

* You must enclose an appropriate pic of both host and guest in accordance with the image template displayed in the video versions of our shows. We will apply these pictures so they are rendered into the final still. Detailed instructions available upon inquiry.

* Feel free to add video illustrations to the audio (optional) - which  increase the potential impact and number of listeners to the show. For tips to this, see our thread in the Subscriber Forum here at our website, or contact us to receive them.

* The sound file, show pics, & video illustrations cannot trigger copyright violations. See the previously mentioned forum thread for details.

* Provide adequate info about the host & guest, thusly:

- Host: (Nick-) Name, Nationality, links to Website/Channel, and whatever biographic info you like.

- Guest: Full name, Biographical elements like Nationality, Website, Books, Films, Services, Events, Projects, Memberships, Achievements, etc (whatever applies).


* Each subject must be pre-approved (so don't go ahead and make a show with us in mind, unless you are sure of our interest).

* We may reject each final product even if the topic was pre-approved (this may happen for different reasons, like: it does not comply with all the criterias, the contents may put our channel at risk, all open spots are already taken, or that the guest, the topic, the execution, or the level does not fit our format). A final verdict is not up for discussion or negotiation. However, you are free to submit several different files, to see if any of them are suitable.

:: :: :: ::

If you are unsure about anything and need more explanation, feel free to CONTACT US with specific questions (no generals like: "tell me what I need to know").

Submitted files should be uploaded somewhere and then the link sent to us so we can download it.

Make sure your email to us in either case use the correct subject header (BUSINESS).


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