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Series 6

Exploring Esoteric Philosophy

This is only a wish lish, meaning that most of the persons listed in unreleased programs are neither confirmed nor booked.

This is a series of conversations with different experts exploring & presenting noteworthy & timeless esoteric currents & traditions.

Program 1: Gnosis - Forbidden Self Discovery - A conversation with Timothy Hogan (1:53:08)

Program 2: The Hidden Pattern of Creation - A conversation with Joseph Farrell (2:30:49)

Program 3: From Tantra to Alchemy - A conversation with Peter Levenda (not yet published)


Program 4: Insanity vs Spirituality - A conversation with Haraldur Erlendsson (2:14:20)

Program 5: Reserved for a conversation with 
Peter Kingsley

Program 6: Reserved for a conversation with Halevi


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