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Paradigm Expanding Programs

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Al the Pal
Al the Pal
Oct 28, 2022

Folks, we've switched to a new comments widget. It was not possible to transfer your old inputs here, so we're starting from scratch.

Just curious if anyone knows how to see the slides for the Forgotten Roots series? I did not see it uploaded to Youtube.


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Back again , always seems to long , lol thank you almost, starting a project filled weekend , paradigm expansion continues. A mind stretched by new ideas, it can never go back to its original. (Paraphrase) Oliver Wendel Holmes

I have been trying to cancel my subscription for a year and noone ever responds.

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Not a problem. To communicate with someone go here: and tell them what you have on your mind.

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The annual subscription does not roll over so I'm confused why you would be having a problem. Also, the Forum

Borealis team have always relied to me and Al interacts directly in Twitter. Psibally I think this is one of the most intellectually and spiritually beneficial subscriptions in this world but each to their own I suppose.

Oct 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I recently discovered this podcast. Great stuff indeed and great interviewer! I wish you could make a podcast talking about Robert Monroe and also his Gateway Experience, Hemi-Sync, etc.

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Completely unknown entity. Link?

Oct 23
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Hi Al, Bob Monroe died in the 90s, so he is not available as a guest, unless you know a medium who could translate. :) He was an unwilling (at first) out of body experiencer, who later found ways to train folks in this skill and in many aspects of spritual pursuits. He developed training for remote viewing which was allegedly used by US military. The training institute he founded is still in operation in Virginia.


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Ah, heard of monoroe institute. Thanks for th etip.

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